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Esports are here to stay.  With a huge following and literally billions of spectators the world of online competition just keeps growing. Lucrative contracts and impressive prize purses are drawing very real talent to the Sim Driving arena and we are here to help you build your competitive resume. 

There are many active leagues online that you can race on in our simulators and we also host a local league in 5 different car classes:

  • F1 open wheels
  • Stock Car (dirt and tarmac)
  • Pro 4 truck
  • Rally cross
  • GT3/GT4 sports cars

Joining a league gives you access to membership benefits so you can come in a practice for your next league event.  Leagues are generally held on Tuesday or Wednesday nights with 2 hour sessions that last for 8 weeks for $300.  The last week of the league has a championship race held on Sunday with a prizes awarded to the champion!